Friday, January 1, 2010

First of the year randomness...

So I figured I would try this again.  You know.  Being that it's the first of the year and all.

Christmas was good for the whole family and included us welcoming our new "adopted" family member Kim on Christmas Eve.  It was great to have an expanded sitting for dinner.  The best part was that nobody was rushed to the emergency room with food poisoning...always a plus!  Speaking of dinner, I had some great help in the kitchen by The Boy who I referred to as my sous chef.  I have to say that he was a HUGE help and the timing on everything came out almost picture perfect.  We should have some video to post as soon as I can get around to editing it.

Time.  Where exactly does the time GO?  Since my position with my company was eliminated (read that as the owner decided to have his family take over the position...but I'm not bitter), I seem to have even LESS time to do things that I need and want to get done than when I was working full time, Monday through Friday.  Even now, as I sit here and see that the clock reads 4:30pm, I can't believe that the day is almost coming to a close.  Ah well...what're you going to do, huh?

I was also peer pressured into convinced to jump on the Project365 bandwagon and started a new blog to facilitate that.  The concept is to post a new photo each day of the year and then look back at the end of the year and see what you've accomplished.  I hope I've actually accomplished something useful by the end of the year!  Anyway, you can check out my Project365 blog here, as well as links to some other friends doing their own posts.

Tonight's agenda will consist of me making some mocha-espressos for the family and watching Demons and Angels on DVD.  I hope everyone out there had a great NYE and got the year off to a good start.  364 days left!


Dana said...

OK Burl, I've added you to my reader. I've got to tell you it really irritates me when I add blogs to my reader and then the bloggers disappear. Does bullying work?

Kim said...

Yay Burl!

Added to my reader too and I am with Dana, yeah, whatever she says :P

The Burl said...


No pressure at all.


None here.

Dr. A said...

Here's a good daily schedule: Play Madden Football, Play Tiger Woods Golf, then repeat. Happy New Year!