Monday, January 18, 2010

A Sunday musing...barely

So I just realized that it's 15 minutes shy of being Monday but I thought I'd go with that title for this entry.  Why am I posting a blog at 11:45pm on a Sunday night?  Well, to be honest, this is really the first chance I've had to actually sit down and I'm flogging myself making a serious effort to make at least one more blog post before the month of January is over.  I've actually been on my hands and knees for the vast majority of my day.

No, I'm not taking up "THAT" profession.  I've been attempting to finish the new flooring on our second floor, specifically in the master bedroom.  While I've had some great help from The Boy, the task has been one of the most daunting that I've undertaken in terms of home improvement.  As of right now, there is only one pseudo-room that has carpeting in the entire house, and that's the office area.  Soon, that too will undergo the transformation to a hardwood laminate floor.

We actually started this insanity project at the beginning of November.  Along the way, we figured out that we didn't have to kill ourselves to finish the entire house in a single weekend.  Who knew?  A few of the things that I've learned from all of this:
  • Don't take the salesperson's advice on what type of transition pieces you will need to go from the laminate to tile.  Look up the types of transitions on the internet and then tell them what you need.
  • Don't assume (anyone?  anyone?) that the flooring under that ratty-cheap-assed basic carpet that was there when you bought the house is ready to just put the new stuff down over.  We had to tear out (yes, that's what I said) the flooring of our daughter's room when we pulled up the carpeting because it looked like someone had wet the wood, let it dry and warp, then repeated the process 5 or 20 times.  Just to be sure.
  • Never, and I mean NEVER, have your wife try to help you continue with the work after your slave helpful son has gone to bed.  I love my wife more than life itself, and we actually make a great team with most projects.  I said most.  This was NOT one of those.  We got one row of flooring down before I told her that for the sake of saving our marriage, she could not help me on this one.
I have another hour or two of work on this tomorrow, then I plan on drinking until I'm comotose relaxing with The Boy and watching a movie.  He mentioned that he's never seen Casino Royale but would like to.  Good call, kid...Blockbuster awaits!  And with that, it's 12:04am.

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Dana said...

I had a really good visual of your wife helping you with this project and wondered how you could have possibly thought that was a good idea *wink*